viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008

Reopening of Permanent Exhibitionat the MRAH, Brussels

Dear all, just a short note to announce the recent reopening of the Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire (MRAH) collections. The ten rooms were inaugurated on October first, 2008. The collection of the belgian museum is said to be one of the greatest in Europe. The exhibition shows 1500 objects from the Americas (the total amount of amerindian artefacts in the museum being of 40.000).

This is the occasion to admire the Janssen collection (here mixed with the collection of the MRAH) for the second time. In two years, the Janssen collection will be transfered in a new museum in Antwerp. I won't explain here exactly why because it is a very complex issue. Belgium has a very complicated political system that most Belgians find puzzling...

The museum owns various very interesting and unique mayan objects. Among them stands a ceramic plate from Namaan, a panel from Sak Tz'i, a stela from unknown provenance (Bonampak region?) and many other ones. A short and general review (in French) of the hole permanent exhibition can be found at Mexique Ancien

See you there!

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