sábado, 24 de noviembre de 2007

Congreso Americanista en Belgica

__In April 2008 (2nd-5th), the Societe des Americanistes de Belgique (SAB) will host a set of conferences under the following theme: "Ritual Americas. Configurations and recombinings of the devices and behaviours ritual in the New World, in historical and contemporary societies".
This event will be held in Louvain-la-Neuve, an univeristarian city near Brussels, Belgium.
__Several symposiums are yet planned:
-Funerary Practices and Pattern in Ancient South America (PDF)
-Transformation of Religiosity in the Americas: between integration and resistance (PDF)
-Image and Ritual in the Aztec World (PDF)
-Rock Art in the Americas: mythology, cosmogony and rituals (PDF)
__There should be a symposium on mayan religion too, but as the webmaster is on vacation (yes it is me), more information will be put online at the following link as soon as possible (which you are invited to click for further information on the event):

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Rouge dijo...

Hola Nupul, gracias por la información. Quizá sea una buena oportunidad para visitar Bélgica (;)). ¿Y cuando vuelve el webmaster de su viaje? Ya nos contarás en Ginebra.