lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2007

Website project

Publicado por Nupul B´alam el 25 de mayo de 2006:

Hello friends!
__I would like here to speak of a project of mine… In a few weeks, I hope, I will put on line a website. This website project has been bouncing in my head for now more than a half year and I have been in possession of the webdesign programs for just some weeks now.
__The idea is to create a space of centralisation of works done by young students from every corner of the world, even if until now, the web pages are written in French, my maternal tongue as I live in Belgium (for those who doubt, we speak French AND Dutch in my country). I hope I will be able to translate the main pages in Spanish and English. The theme of the website is large: America (north, south, central…), so everybody is welcome….and you can write in English or Spanish of course!
__The goal is to propose an online resource of texts, reports, and images realized by people of our kind: not yet specialists who have still difficulties to publish and meet other “specialists”.. in one word, to progress rapidly.
__So, this post is here to propose you to send me your works and materials. You can send me images and text documents you have realized. You MUST be the author of the work. If your thing is of good quality, then it will be posted on the site, and of course, you will be considered as the author of the work… the posted materials will be your property, but individuals seeing my site will be free to use it… so now you now….
__I hope the site will be online in …hum, lets tell two months…I still do not own an address, so if you want to send me material, you can at
__More information will be given in time. Hope it will work! And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail!

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